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VALET MODE w/PDR - Illegal..?!

September 30th, 2014

Apparently the privacy laws are stating the New Valet Mode is ILLEGAL in some states. I appreciate Automotive News contacting us regarding this, I was not able to comment at the time….but we do want to keep you informed!

This has been discussed on many news media sites now……IN case you did not know, when you get NAV in the 2015 Corvette you also get the PDR camera and the car has a Valet mode that allows it to record video of the car and audio when in this mode…all the while blocking out use of the infotainment system and more.

Continue for the promo video from GM on Valet Mode, a news report on it and personally….I would not let anyone Valet my Vette to begin with…..just saying…..

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