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2010 Final Corvette Production #’s

090423_gm_plant.jpg Welcome everyone, glad you joined us and in case you missed it, the FINAL 2010 Corvette production numbers have been released. You may want to sit down for these….the years of 35-45,000 cars are done for now it seems.

Again we focus on the positive; we are still seeing New Corvettes come off the line and I’ll say this to the folks at Bowling Green directly, “You are doing one hell of a job! I can represent this car with confidence and it truly is the best value yet for Corvette! I know you have a lot cooking and we appreciate those efforts; for now this car still provides the reward and thumbs up so many people deserve….”

Many of you have waited long enough, after all the crazy changes in our lives, why wait any more, reward YOURSELF TODAY….please let me know how I may assist, we can ship a car just about anywhere and have enough allocation even in these low production adjustments to get you whatever you want.

I appreciate the support and opportunities! Now check out the details from last year, lowest production for Corvette since 1961 (’97 does not count as that was a 1/2 production year)

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE 2010 PRODUCUCTION DETAILS Includes colors , options , etc!

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