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An email to me for GM

hatch.jpg We know GM watches our site, we appreciate being on the map,with that I just received an email from a viewer with a quick note to GM regarding Corvette.

“Rick - A problem with Corvette coupes is the inability to both store the removal roof panel and maintain reasonable storage space.

My wife and I continue to be frustrated when we go on a day trip, like to the coast, and would love to take off the roof panel but can’t
because we have a cooler and/or picnic basket in the back.

Maybe Corvette engineers can design a short use, fold-able panel for the C7 like Pontiac had available for the short lived Solstice Coupe.

Just a thought I hope you can pass on to someone at GM.


Bill thanks for the email, I made this post in hopes GM sees it and take your suggestion under advisement. Thumbs up sir!

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2 Responses to “An email to me for GM”

  1. nd4spd Says:

    I’m surprised to hear this. We went on a week long trip across the country (WI to TX) and packed plenty of things for the trip. You can get a lot of stuff in the car that will still allow the top to be stored. That’s what the top is stored in a flat elevated position, unlike the C4’s that angled down to the floor. Maybe you just need a different style picnic basket. :-) Plenty of room for a cooler ahead of the top behind the seats. We have done this many times.

  2. ZR1 Says:

    Mr National Corvette Sales Rep Rick..

    If you have a direct line to the G.M. brass, here’s an answer to the Vette roof panel storage problem addressed above..

    If G.M. wants to spend the money and produce a “hard top convertible Vette”, they could have a power sun roof with a full convertible..Maybe the best of both worlds similar to the ‘Panorama roof’ option for the SL Mercedes etc..

    As for younger Vette buyers, that may not be easily answered..Price point and marketing strategy may preclude a $50k and above entry point for younger buyers..Maybe a sports car similar to the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Toyota FT-86 concept, or my favorite, the Peugeot SR1 Concept Car is the answer..

    G/L !

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