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C7/C8 Corvette (mid engine talk again)

The C7 is not done, not even seen and here we are talking C8 generation Corvette?! Guess what, the V6 is conversation again, we mentioned this years ago and then that car became the Saturn Sky
….V6 talks again in the posting along with a good post from our friends at badboyvettes

(autoweek online 3/22/10)

General Motors is mulling a radical re-engineering for the Chevrolet Corvette, centered on a more fuel-efficient, mid-engined V6 powertrain, a lightweight alloy body and a more compact footprint.

The idea is to re-energize GM’s ambition for the Corvette, with fundamental changes that will make it into a contemporary global supercar. The changes are penciled into GM’s product plan for the next major model change, the C8, with an on-sale date around 2016. Both coupe and convertible models are planned.

The C7 had been the focus of plans for a mid-engined model capable of matching Europe’s most exotic supercars. The mid-engined C7 got as far as engineering development but was canceled when the global credit crunch hit and GM faced financial woes that eventually led to the company’s trip through bankruptcy court.

As a result, GM recast its Corvette plans around a more modest revamp of today’s C6 into the C7 version, essentially a stopgap until the world-beating C8 arrives.

“That [the C7] will be the last of the traditional, old-style Corvettes,” a senior GM insider told AutoWeek.

That will buy GM time while it works on a revolutionary new concept for the C8 Corvette that can blend fuel-economy and emissions improvements with the required level of supercar performance and handling. MOTOR FORECAST An illustrated look at a potential rear design of the C8 Chevrolet Corvette.


Engineers are likely to shrink the C8 Corvette’s footprint to cut weight and aerodynamic drag and reduce its visual bulk, which also will help with sales outside the United States.

Likely to shock Corvette purists is the suggestion that a V6 will replace a V8 in the C8, although 440 hp courtesy of twin turbochargers ought to calm fears of reduced power output.

With a traditional C7 on the horizon and a world-challenging all-new C8 in the wings, the survival of GM’s greatest sports car likely will depend on its adaptability more than on its longevity.

This posting from our friends at Badboyvettes.com continues to tease and focus on a global, younger buyer…the key is when is all this going to happen

…personally not as soon as many think. Tweaks are coming, re-do a bit further out, stay tuned

Ed Welburn recently spoke about the next Corvette. From our view, he said good things -

* Make the new car more attractive to younger buyers.
* Make the car lighter and more lithe.
* Make the interior quality better.
* Make the car more appealing on the global stage
* Make the car sell better vs global competition.

Jake and Corvette Racing initiatives work hard to make those things happen [except for the interior help, although both P+M and BadBoyVettes have ideas!] Now, the talents of GM Design studios from all over the world have been called to action on a car this important to GM.

All good. Right?
But, here’s where the trouble COULD strike.
We fear SOME traditional Corvetters will be shocked by the idea of a ‘global C7’ because, “Corvette is American!”. We worry that mindsets still struggling with the loss of hidden headlights will not understand what’s happening here / what’s needed here -

* If Corvette is not careful the average buyer age will be not 54yrs, it will be DOA. If the racing is vs Porsche / BMW / Ferrari, logic says Corvette needs to ‘Take No Prisoners’ in sales, too. If young buyers only see Corvette as a ‘mid-America / old-guy DreamCar’, Vette will go the way of Coke [while ‘the kids’ en mass pound down their RedBulls and Monsters].

Bottom-line - Evolution and a heritage-cling may no longer be enough in today’s world.

We trust Corvette fans like Messrs. Welburn. Tom Stephens, Mark Reuss, and team to take Corvette forward while staying true to the essence of Corvette. Ed even said, “[C7] can’t mutate into something that gets so far away from Corvette that it is no longer a Corvette.” He’s even promised the return of the iconic split-window.

So, put the lightning rod back up on the barn, grandpa.
And get ready for the best Corvette yet.

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