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‘10 Corvette Cashmere 4LT Color Placement

Shown in this file image is Linen leather wrap. As the beginning of 2010 Corvette information came available we shared with you right away that later in the year a Cashmere leather wrap would come available. It’s later in the year and this interior can now be ordered on Corvette. The plant is not pulling these orders for build just yet, but will be soon.

Now the question is and has been, where will the cashmere interior accents be on this new leather wrap application?!

We sent this question to a GM official and he was kind enough to answer. Having this info in advance I hope helps those of you on the fence with your order; decide upon a combo and move forward.

We assumed this would be the case, but I wanted to make sure before telling you…actual pictures once some get built, until then I think you can use your imagination enough to determine if it will work for you or not. Thanks so much for all the calls and emails, glad we could help you again!

HERE ON THIS DARK TITANIUM EXAMPLE is where the cashmere pieces parts will be!


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