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Corvette News - Future Consideration

calipers.jpg FIRST in a follow up to our 4LT / 3LZ NEWS STORY the cars being tested with the new Leather Wrap interior have been approved and you will see a handful of cars built late September and we should see the 4LT & 3LZ packages come off constraint very soon. If anything ordered at first in controlled quantities and then as a free flow option.

NOW IN NEW TID BIT CORVETTE NEWS and I have to thank the cool enthusiast people that share certain thing with me and allow us as a retail entity, share it with you on line here…there are some very good people out there and it makes my job that much more enjoyable…

You have asked for it for a long time and now it is in the final stages of consideration….

CUSTOM COLORED CALIPERS ON YOUR CORVETTE right form the plant. Now that would be sweet and all I can say it , “it’s about time brother!” This is all I have right now…I have no $$$$ or even timelines, but where it was talked about tells me, something is up.

Let’s hope all goes well. More as we have it.
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