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Blue Devil Tid Bit & C7 ARRIVAL UPDATE!

spy-shots.jpgWe always try to provide you advance info as we have it, with the latest we just got from Automotive news, this should allow us to move forward and do business on the current Corvette so may enjoy its growing value story. Automotive news won’t publish, guessing, he said she said, they will write what is happening and is about to happen in the industry.

ALSO IN THIS ARTICLE, a C7 (7th generation update) estimated arrival gap is more solid now…and Corvette SS tid bit update..

ss-blk-guardrail.jpgIn the article I just read, and I quote:
“GM will market a limited-edition 2009 Corvette producing aout 650HP. The model will have styling cues that separate it from other Corvettes. Pricing will apporach $100,000 about a $30,000 step up from the highest-horsepower Vette today- the 2007 505 HP Z06.”

Also I have found out the Blue Devil ( SS Corvette ) will feature an entirely new Corvette logo!!!

“Production of the redesigned Corvette is to start April of 2012 for the 2013 model year. Three design proposals have been selected; the final decision is expected to be made this summer. Contrary to some reports, a mid-engine model is NOT planned, the front engine layout will be maintained”

This will make for interesting conversation over the next few years….looking foward to every minute of it, keep it locked for the latest on the Corvette market right here for EVS Corvette on CorvetteConti.com. We’ll get info and pass it on and we’ll share the hot buttons across the web too via our many internet friends. Thanks for joining us TODAY!

date source:automotive news

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