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Corvette Commercial “behind the scenes!”

commercial.jpg VIA EMAIL
“Hello Rick,

In case nobody else already sent you this, I thought you might be interested in the attached commercial I saw for the Virginia Lottery when I was visiting Washington DC Tuesday.
Its theme was a guy who wanted a Corvette for many years.

I searched for it on Youtube and found a making of feature on the commercial and then the actual commercial in the last 30 seconds.
I actually finally just realized my dream, after asking Santa for a red corvette for at least 40 years, 3 weeks ago I picked up my new 2009 coupe.

Well worth waiting for, I can’t imagine another car making me feel like this one does.

I love your website, I check it every day!
Thank you

Mark in sunny Seattle

That is neat Mark, have not seen it yet. Exactly what I try to do is keep you folks informed and entertained and that of course does not come without help from you fans in the audience, thanks for your email! I love how they show the Corvette change over the years, but the passion stays the same….


For the EVS Corvette team;
Your friend and fan……in Wisconsin!!!
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  1. ZR1 Says:

    Also of interest to EVS:

  2. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    Thanks ZR1, but honestly, with the large shutdown of over 60% of GMs Cadillac dealers, we are one of them and can no longer order Cadillac. Some 400 dealers left out of over 1600. This being exciting news ..sucks because we will not be able to be apart of it.

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