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Are You a field reporter?!

2010 GRAND SPORT REVEALED ~ Send us your pictures, videos & comments on this years bash event, PLEASE SEND YOUR MATERIAL TO:
mention your first name and state you are from. We have the Jersey Boys and Chicago Corvette club there, but you see something, you have something to say - it will be aired here - thank-you!
Here is what we wanted the GS to be:
Ok, after one picture and some brief specs..thoughts?!:

I’m sure I’ll love it, I always do being Corvette and all, but this GS Being available in all colors is weird I guess, just thinking out loud as I type, sorry - that is why they call it Ricklish smiley-laughing25.gif

Not understanding the available in all PKG levels thing and then you can pay EXTRA for the HERITAGE PKG….shouldn’t GS be a package itself and not have to be upgraded to be a GS.

Before it was conversation….”Wow, you have a Grand Sport” and folks knew what it was without question…now I can hear it at the shows….”what GS did you get?….”

“I got the red 1LT without the hertiage pkg” very confusing in the whole acknowledgement thing going forward for Grand Sport fans…and believe me I am one of them - just trying to soak this one in.

I love Grand Sportwill you love Grand Sport(s)?!?!?!

I know my buddy Greg is also a HUGE GS fan - Here are his UNEDITED thoughts:
“For the last week, I have been tormenting over missing the C5/C6 Bash in Bowling Green, KY. Rick and I knew there was no way with our new responsibilities that we could attend. Then on Thursday we began watching the web cams. After seeing the people arriving and the cars in the circle, I was upset that I wasn’t there.

I am from the Louisville, KY area and have been attending events at the National Corvette Museum since the Grand Opening on Labor Day, 1994. I have many friends at the Museum and Plant that I haven’t seen for quite a while. To make things worse yesterday, I called Lori Bieschke to let her and Gary Cockriel know I wasn’t going to be there. Since moving to Wisconsin, I have not seen my friends in Bowling Green. A funny story about the Bash though, last year Rick Conti and I began devising my plan of moving to Wisconsin to work for EVS. I had known Rick from various shows and events and we talked about his success at EVS and I wanted to be a part of that. Now, here I am.

Today, we finally see the pictures of the 2010 Grand Sport. Let me go on the record and say, I LOVE the Grand Sports of the past. When we first learned in January that the car was making a comeback, I was trying to figure out how I could buy one and keep it from the wife. I have been fortunate enough to own two 1996 Grand Sports. My first was a black interior coupe in 1996 and most recently a red interior coupe that I sold to move to Wisconsin.

My first reaction when I saw the red Convertible…”What is that?”! Then I read the specs on the car. I have to say that as a previous Grand Sport owner, I am insulted. For Chevrolet to charge extra for the hash marks and emblem is a joke! Chevrolet has taken a car that is steeped in heritage and cheapened it down to just another car with decals. Corvette needs a revival in the worst way and I am here to support that 100%! The development team shot a blank here and tarnished the name Grand Sport in the process. For those responsible for this car, my message to you is, I am disappointed! “

BELOW are a photoshop & a real replica Grand Sport I made in 2006 that was on display at the Cleveland Car Show

…we know a WHITE ONE is in Bowling Green - pics etc to follow today and tonight!

As we get pictures available: 2010 PREVIEW GALLERY HERE!


clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif


I haven’t written in a while, but I’m at the Bash this week and took the plant tour. I was surprised to see some many ZR1’s being built, but also many of the new GT1 and Grand Sport models.

The grand sport looks like it has many of the Z06 body parts, wide fenders front and rear, the wide front fascia with the air scoop, extended Z06 type splash guards, a ZR1 type spoiler, special silver calipers and the LS3 engine. Pretty much a C6 with Z06 looks. I’m sure they will sell a lot and save people from buying the aftermarket parts.


“Went through the Assembly Plant today. Line moves very slow compared to last year at this time. Only making about 60 cars a day. Lot fewer people working the line too. Very sad to see.

But, on the line I saw 2 GRAND SPORT cars. One was a convertible, the other a coupe. The coupe was really nice. White with silver calipers that had GRAND SPORT in red across the face. A grand sport tag along the front fender that was chrone with Grand Sport in red (very nice). Front fender openings are vertical slats. (Another nice touch).
HP is suppose to be the same and the wheels are very different too!
I’m sure pics will be around soon as this special car will probably be shown to us on Saturday.


(actual replica from 2006 - made by Rick Conti)
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