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Aftermarket comes at a Price…

image.jpgKeeping you informed on market awareness,etc…this is something for your folks that like to play at a VERY high level.

If you are considering a ****** Corvette, or any aftermarket alteration package on Corvette…be careful;

(april 29, 2009)
It has come to our attention that GM knows about such alterations and they very well can be and have BLOCKED powertrain and emissions warranties!

Granted some packages are incredible and take the great work GM has provided off the shelf and complimented it beyond imagination, but simply ask up front before you spend 6 figures - GOOD LUCK! Now if you want to consider a SAFE MODIFICATION… continue reading!

What is considered a safe modification? (from owners manual)

Basically the original manufacturers look at modifications like the plague. I have never met a factory person that believes their car can be improved with a performance modification. When you try to pin them down to ask why, the usual answer is “ if it could be done better don’t you think we would have done it already?” has been heard repeatedly at car meets around the country. One reason for their position is usually the manufacturer can stand behind their product and their warranties with the design and power that they provide. This is because all of the manufacturers, not just GM, test and validate their products to make sure the product will last.

The last thing GM wants is to have an owner come back with a warranty claim. To this end, manufacturers install limits on their products. Much like a rev limiter that prevents running the engine to a RPM that will self destruct the engine, GM builds in other limits to make sure their cars will live for a long, long time.

Consider the Powertrain as a complete package.

For example if your car is running with an engine calibration other than what the car was originally built with, did you know the emission warranty and emission certification is no longer valid? Not only is the repair not covered but you may have lost the rest of your 5 year 100,000 mile Powertrain warranty and your emission warranty as well.

The company that sold you the modification may tell you that it is safe and it is still covered by GM’s warranty. That is usually not the case. The information in the GM warranty guide is quite clear on this point. This is an excerpt from the 2009 Corvette warranty booklet included with every new Corvette:

Engine power enhancement products may enable the engine to operate at horsepower and torque levels that could damage, create failure, or reduce the life of the engine, engine emission system, transmission, and drivetrain. Damage, failure, or reduced life of the engine, transmission, emission system, drivetrain or other vehicle components caused by aftermarket engine performance enhancement products or modifications may not be covered under your vehicle warranty The small amount of money you paid for the power increase may just have turned into a very large expense.

Earlier I mentioned you can most likely increase your speeds or shorten your times if you learn to drive what the Corvette already provides before spending money on performance enhancements.


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