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2010 Corvette Tid Bit!!!

Special thanks to my MotoTown man (YO) , more info coming for you fans out there. 2010-tidbit.jpg 2010 info already coming out, hey, we’re just happy there is a 2010 to talk about ( you know what I’m saying)

The Grand Sport Edition is actually a separate model code, we are anticipating a wide-body….MODEL CODES for it, 1YG07 for GS Coupe and 1YG67 for GS Convertible.

TORCH RED is coming back (shhhhhh)

As far as what color and exact specs of the Grand Sport edition for 2010

….we do not have that data from GM, hoping it will be revealed at the Birthday Bash/GM press event in Bowling Green this April and WE WILL be there covering the entire thing for you. My only guess and this is a guess is either they stay with the exisiting JetStream Blue color or because the XLR line is going down, we may see two additional Corvette colors, one for the Grand Sport could be IMPERIAL BLUE as shown on the 2008 ALL STATE PACE CAR

Now the other reason for our posting today is that TORCH RED is coming back…currently there is only one made in a C6 generation. Many have asked for this so get ready…when we know what another possible color will be, we’ll let you know.

2010 Corvettes will begin production June 15th just a bit earlier this year.

There is a lot of demand build up with as slow and quiet the market has been, 2009 proves to be a great value and a wonderful time to reward yourself. You know we’ll help all we can, remember if your local dealr is clueless as to what is what…why even continue, call us because we ant the business and we’ll do what it takes to keep you informed so we EARN IT, thanks…more juicy stuf soon..I PROMISE!

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