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What a Trip- BG to Washington State!

“What a thrill to be a part of your exciting purchases.” After seeing this email and pictures from Roy in Wash, my statement is never more true than now. Roy, congratulations, glad we could help and you took the time to share this with all of us!roy-g-wa1-300.jpg

FROM ROY: Well Rick & Greg I am 150% satisfied with EVS, the NCM and the Bowling Green assembly plant. You can use me as a reference anytime you like. Yes that is me parked in front of my office jumping for joy after a 3000 mile drive! After the drive home I am so happy with this car! It has exceeded ALL my expectations! I still can’t believe it is mine, even while parked in my garage.

The weather was awesome, 65F and clear on top of Vail Pass Saturday! Not a cloud in the sky from the Iowa/Nebraska border all the way to Seattle! We got a little rain near Chicago and driving through Iowa.

NCM Pick up…
I met my dad at the Louisville airport late Wednesday (10/22). We picked up a rental car and drove to a motel. Unknown to my dad my sister was already checked in. I wrapped up one of the 2009 Corvette brochures you sent me and gave it to him, telling him to open it in the morning. The next morning we went downstairs to get breakfast. My dad sees my
sister and asks what she is doing in Louisville? She told him I also invited her to tour the Peterbilt truck plant with us. He was pretty happy to see her, but still not clued in.
We all pile into the rental car and head south on the interstate. My dad opens the wrapped package and said, “Hey isn’t this the car you have always been talking about?” I told him, “Yep! The dealer gave me two, since I’m not getting the car I didn’t want it laying around anymore.”


He bought the story…
Just before the NCM exit my dad notices the NCM sign on the interstate. He says, “Hey Roy, did you know we’re going to pass the National Corvette Museum.” I told him, “No WAY! Dad we’re early, lets stop by and take a quick look.” My sister chimes in to, “Yeah, lets stop and take pictures.” He’s still thinking we’re going to the Peterbilt plant for a tour.
We exit and pull into the NCM parking lot. We walk in the door and Ron, my tour guide, says, “Good morning Roy, Isabella and Helmut.”, and shakes our hands. Now my dad knows something funny is up. “How do you know my name?”, he asks. Ron points up to the big flat screen monitor.


My dad is speechless, it say Happy 70th Birthday Helmut Grossinger and mentions my sister and I too. I point down the row of Corvettes and said, “One of those is mine, which one?” My dad immediately said, “The YELLOW one.” Gary at the NCM had a custom made laminated sign for my dad on the car saying Happy 70th birthday too; he took it home with him. He loved it. Ron gave us a great tour, my dad brought a Corvette to life on the assembly line and he just had a blast. My dad just could not stop talking about the car and starting a Z06 for the first time. Then I told him we were driving back to Louisville in it. He didn’t want to drive the car but he sure did enjoy the scenic route I picked. He had never ridden in Corvette before. He was amazed by the features, ride, handling, everything.

From Louisville my dad flew back to CO while my sister and I drove to Chicago and then Denver. Spent a night at my sister’s house. Another friend from Seattle met me in Denver and helped me drive it back to Seattle. Everyone that has gotten into the car thinks its just awesome!

Roy, again sir, simply awesome..seeing that picture of you jumping in the air, first of all, how many takes to get that shot? and secondly, that picture should be in a magazine ad man…incredible. Thumbs up!




…what does it say about the commitment of this dealership, two guys that move their families from Ohio & IN to Wisconsin…all for the love of a car; CORVETTE!

Contact Rick Conti or Greg Sanders for ALL of your vehicle needs, and we thank-you!

EVEN EASIER TO GET TO, on HWY 33, right off HWY 43 !

For the EVS Corvette team;
Your friend and fan……in Wisconsin!!!
National Corvette / New Vehicle Director
EVS Chevrolet,Cadillac,Buick & Pontiac
805 E. Green Bay Ave
Saukville, WI 53080
or email my Corvette associate direct too:
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