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Wallace Jets Vette Program & GM

(UDATED ADDED) wallace-out.jpg After last week, teasing us a bit at a recent GM media event, Tom Wallace, Vehicle line executive for Corvette said… “there are changes, some neat stuff, coming for 2010 that I can’t talk about yet.”

Hummm, I am thankful to the call I got this morning confirming this story, as we await an official response from GM. I also appreciate hearing that the Vette program will continue with exciting items ahead…some as soon as next year. A Couple you have been asking for too….

Many believe Tom jumped from a sinking ship with only a one week notice of his retirement, but what I was told, I promised not to share, I can say that GM is looking very hard at Corvette and plans to move forward. Granted we are in some trying times and I think it is important to realize us , as a delaer, as an enthusiast fully understand and exactly why we price our cars as we do. Simply to help create an opportunity for both of us, in a nutshell, “we get it!” There are such great deals and values on the table I think many do not realize how good they are and just overlook them. Please allow us to help you take advantage.

We thank Tom for his enthusiasm, but man is this bad timing….

I did email Tom Wallace and still no reply (1pm CST) just yet, but EVS will continue to support you fans all we can. This will allow you to buy with trust & confidence as the market changes, we will keep you informed every step of the way. I thank-you for your concern, your passion, your support and your continued opportuntities. We’ll get through this and I look forward to supporting the new team members and their direction!

THIS IS AN ONGOING STORY, stay tuned for any updates……… UPDATE HERE;

The news, delivered at a Petersen Museum event honoring Corvette Racing history, came as a shock to those of us involved in the hobby, who have come to appreciate Wallace’s keen grasp of performance-car culture and obvious passion for the marque.
While no reasons were given for the move, Wallace’s departure could be related to uncertainty surrounding the timeline for the seventh-generation Corvette. The car–originally slated for a 2012 model-year release–has reportedly been pushed back by at least two years, a span

THIS IS AN ONGOING STORY, stay tuned for any updates………



…what does it say about the commitment of this dealership, two guys that move their families from Ohio & IN to Wisconsin…all for the love of a car; CORVETTE!

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  1. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    somebody got a big fat check….congrats Tom

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