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Blue Devil has Yellow friend…

Not sure who surfs the net more, me or CorvetteBlogger.com either I am providing an article or simply sharing one to keep you informed. Together with solid internet friends like this and Patrick at Digitalcorvettes, you folks will not miss a thing and we’ll all have a blast enjoying history….corvette-yellow-spy-main2.jpg


That bicycle tire you see behind the blue car is a speed/distance measuring device, often used by automakers in straight-line testing special thanks to Popular Mechanics for running this latest story. You are going to see more & more of this as the testing is now in the final stages of the car, that GM officials at the 2007 birthday bash thought it was funny NOT to acknowledge something special,exciting and exotic is coming folks!

CLICK ON THUMBNAILS HERE for other views of the future Super Vette;
corvette-ss-spy-5.jpg corvette-blue-spy-rear.jpg corvette-blue-spy-best.jpg

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2 Responses to “Blue Devil has Yellow friend…”

  1. CorvetteBlogger Says:

    That’s funny Rick. Come to think about it, I am looking a bit pale. What’s up with the new names that Popular Mechanics mentioned in the article, calling the Blue Devil/SS the ZRS and the Grand Sport S? I haven’t heard those before.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    I don’t know Keith, I think they too, are just throwing up guesses….we have had it on a good source for a while that it would be called Corvette SS. But you know GM, this stuff could change at the last minute and I always reference the 1999 Hardtop…that car was not to be what it ended up as….stay tuned kids, this will become real fun soon enough
    Thumbs Up!

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