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Stork has brought the Real Deal….

baby1.jpgUPDATE on 5/16!
For those of you that know me from the web and my National Corvette representation over the past 11 + years. I am still working in the final steps of my move to Wisconsin here at EVS Chevrolet. Many times I have featured a stork bringing home a new Corvette to the family….well this time….

smiley-stork1.gifShe is bringing home the real thing. Which is really amazing to me ( in mores ways that one) Ok…any way, after some delays and NOW, everything a go with the doctor, we are having our 4th ‘lil CorvetteConti…this one is a girl. So as I was mentioning, my family has not made the move here to WI, because of the baby and my oldest being in school. You can imagine all of this going on, the whole gang is feeling many different levels of emotions. I for one am being held together with duct tape, the 8 hours drive back and forth is well, a drive.

I have spoken about the wonderful opportunity here at EVS Chevrolet to be the guy that leads our team forward is an honor and one I appreciate. I appreciate it because I now am working for an enthusiastic Corvette dealer, not just a Chevy store that gets some Vettes This is exciting for me, because I take the representation so serious for Corvette, I know that is what you folks want and deserve. It’s a pleasure being a part of purchases at this level, not just the $$$ amount, but the level of emotion it brings out in all of us. An emotion that many times has been locked away for years.
The team we have here is awesome and IT DOES START FROM THE TOP, Eric our owner is a fan and a true enthusiast of the car, giving me even more confidence representing this car not only for you fans, but for a guy that enjoys this car as much IF NOT more than we do. So with that, my point being, the baby is coming and I will be out of the office for a short while, but NOT out of touch. I will have the abilty a couple times a day to few email and get you folks the info you need to do business.
May is one of the busiest months of the selling season for us and I don’t want anyone to think with my adsence from the office means that we slow down…in fact, that is the other cool thing about being at EVS. We have a great staff of guys that want to assist and will, so please do not hesitate to contact them.

RIGHT NOW, limited offer on remaining IN STOCK 2007 Corvettes are at TRUE GMS* pricing..not supplier, not GMID…GMS as if you were an employee for the plant - this saves you thousands more. Take advantage for sure of the values we have….

FOR THOSE OF YOU wanting to get in line for 2008’s pre-orders, that process is under way now and we will continue to take 2008 orders every day until the model year is done. So please don’t think it is to late, my goodness no. We are just beginning and as mnay of you know, we are flexible and this will be easier than you thought buying a car not inly in advance but out of state.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, we work hard to provide you the right information, and do so with true enthusiasm, with that and the manner in which we do this, we hope and ask for your business considerations, whether it be today,tomorrow or next month. We made the effort to gather pictures and info for the 2008’s, we were the ONLY MAJOR DEALER THERE, because we enjoy being involved, but also so we could be your Corvette dealer and not the guy, waiting for our updates to then act like they care so much about earning your business on a 2008. Thank-you for your understanding and your nationwide opportunties. If you need to speak with me, my pleasure, I look forward to it, use the email link below in the article!

NO SORRY, we do not have pricing on 2008’s yet, but as soon as it’s available. baby51.jpg ( yeah I cut the cord, well, that’s twice this year )WE WILL POST IT for you…more pictures as the baby is born and I’ll be glad once the entire family is settled up here in WI. They too will see the great spirit in the people around this area, lots and lots of cool Corvette people too….yeah buddy, I’m in heaven~thank-you!
I AM OUT OF THE OFFICE FROM TUES 5/15 until WE EXPECT TO BE 5/24, but still touching base and our EVS Corvette team thanks you for the opportunities as well!

Your friend and fan……in Wisconsin!!!

National Corvette Director
EVS Chevrolet
W 4873 Hwy RR
Random Lake WI 53075

Phone: (800) 215-5957
Fax: (920) 994-9374

7 Responses to “Stork has brought the Real Deal….”

  1. atomicZinNC Says:

    congrats rick, and thanks for going the extra mile for me on my ron fellows jacket before u left for cleveland today. that is great service! hopefully this is the week for ya! many happy returns matt in NC atomicZinNC

  2. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    you’re welcome and I walk out of delivery,, phone rings…sold a Corvette in the hospital..very cool and thank-you so much everyone for allowing me to work both sides of the coin while I go through this new addition and my new position at EVS.

    Mom, kids and baby are doing great - thank-you for the wishes….my wife thinks I’m nuts, I’m still working and having time for the baby…..I also appreicate the flexibility given to me from the Von Schledorn’s to be here. Great family at work and at home!

  3. AP Says:

    Congrats Rick …

  4. CorvetteBlogger Says:

    Congratulations, Rick. That’s great news. The ‘63 SWC is a nice touch as well. Hope you and your family are doing well.


  5. Bill Scoltock Says:

    congratulations on the newcomer love them when they are small

  6. karguy6 Says:

    congrats buddy!!! check your the mail box tomarrow.

  7. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    much appreciated wishes here on the site, tons of email and voice mail. Very cool everyone and means more to me than you know

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