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We Don’t Need a Stinkin’ Van!

Disabled Marine, Drives a New Z06 from us with custom hand controls!


We don’t need a stinkin’ Van comes from him, you can see what a great attitude he has and was a real pleasure working with him.

From when he got his car, in case you missed it in our Vlogs, read on about his trip home and see Aaron, Proud owner of a New Z06 in Washington state


We don’t need no stinkin’ van! Who says you need an “accessible” vehicle just because you use a wheelchair… One of the things I learned in the Marine Corps is to adapt and improvise.

I got a great deal from Rick Conti in Ohio so I had the car shipped to San Diego to get my Guido Simplex hand controls installed. It’s more than I’d planned on buying but the price was right for this 2016 Z06 3LZ with the Z07 package. Before shipping, I had Rick mount Pilot Super Sport tires and ship me the Cup2 tires - didn’t want to risk a cool, rainy drive home with those tires…

I picked up the car late Saturday and have been slowly driving home (but not always driving slowly!) visiting folks and enjoying the drive. Spent Sunday with my newly minted Jarhead son at Twentynine Palms Marine Base - he’s his father’s son alright. Then met up with another friend and his ‘16 white Z06 for an afternoon of fun in Sacramento before getting my 500 mile oil change done at Able Chevrolet in Rio Vista (first class treatment all the way!).

From there, I cut across Hwy. 20 to 101 and drove up the coast through the Redwood forest - at Crescent City, I cut over to Hwy. 199, also known as the Redwood Highway. This was a great chance to try out the PDR on a great twisty road through forests and canyons. A beautiful scenic drive I’d highly recommend to anyone in the area. But it would be more fun when it’s not 40 degrees with slightly damp pavement in the latter part of December…

I got home to Kent, WA yesterday afternoon. 1,800 miles in five days and am thoroughly enamored by this car! The handling, power delivery and overall comfort of this car is amazing. The A8 shifts incredibly fast & is a massive leap forward from my A6 in my 2008




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