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2017 Brochure Picture Shooting?!

Lake draws photo shoot for new Corvettes in Guntersville, AL
(humm looks like one NON Corvette in the shot )

Six 2017 Corvettes showed up on Lurleen B. Wallace Drive this week. That’s why the street was closed for about 3 hours Tuesday afternoon. A crew was shooting photographs that might be used in advertising brochures that go out to dealerships.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016 By Cindy McGregor

Nobody knew ahead of time, but an expensive car hauler and six 2017-model Corvettes came to Guntersville this week to shoot still photographs for advertisements.

Policeman Dennis Myers discovered it when he saw an expensive, enclosed car hauler on Lurleen B. Wallace Drive. Curious, he stopped to talk to the driver and learned that Chevrolet was sending a couple of representatives with a photography crew and security, off-duty motorcycle officers from Jefferson County.

The crew had been doing track shoots at the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham for 3 days and heard about Guntersville.
“They were shooting photography for the 2017 model year sales literature,” Guntersville police chief Jim Peterson said. “They had 6 models in the truck, from the base Corvette Stingray up to a Grand Sport, a historic racing package they haven’t had for several years.”

The crew pulled off a silver Grand Sport and an ice blue convertible that they specifically wanted to photograph in Guntersville, he said.

With a camera on an arm attached to the back of the car’s underside, they could take pictures from about 10 feet up.
“They had a constantly running DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera,” Chief Peterson said. “They would drive at a slow speed and then stop to look at the pictures.”

Because the crew wanted the car as close to the left edge of road as possible, some editing will be needed if the Guntersville shots are used in ads. For one thing, the editor will have to turn the yellow line on the road into a dotted white line, he said.

While no one had notified the police department about the photo shoot, it didn’t cause a big problem, Chief Peterson said.
“Once we realized what they were doing, we stepped in to help,” Chief Peterson said.
Lurleen Wallace Drive was closed for about 3 hours starting at 3:00.

“It didn’t really affect anything,” Chief Peterson said. “You’ve got good alternate routes around that area.
“One of the guys said this is as far south as he has been in his life,” Chief Peterson said. “He said he was going to come back. That’s free advertising for the city.”


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