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More 2017 New Color Hints

As we continue to offer fantastic deals on 2016’s , we are getting incredible amount of calls and request for “WHAT ARE THEY DOING FOR 2017!?” I apologize GM has not released changes etc….all we have is what we have been sharing and full details late April when we are on location at the Corvette Museum.

The Museum just hinted about a New Dark Blue coming ( replacing Nightrace) and of course GM has already shown us the New Watkins Glen Grey and the New Admiral Blue, but I would expect more to come. The Dark Blue shown here, I am sure GM will come up with a catchy marketing name for it ;)

Thank-you for the business now and your advance considerations….IF YOU are waiting to see what the 2017’s are before making a decision, email us below and we will put you in the 2017 database and email you when I get back from Bowling Green - right now, great cars and great deals - Vette season is here!
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