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Sad loss; God Bless EVS Ernie Passes

Throughout my career representing Corvette, I can say proudly a store I was sad to leave for personal, not professional reasons , was EVS in Wisconsin… Eric is the son of Ernie Von Schledorn an icon in the auto industry.
Just found out Ernie passed last night and I very sad to hear this and wish nothing but the best for Eric and his family.



I remember when I was first relocating there, Eric treated me like a king and learning from he and his dad was truly an honor and invaluable. When I first met Ernie, it was at Eric’s home, Ernie was walking out of the house I was walking in ( with people behind me ) Ernie shakes my hand and it was the longest hand shake of my life….we spoke for several minutes there on the steps – I later told Eric, why do I feel like I was being interviewed again…he said “ you were” Ernie is certainly someone I regret not having more time to converse with, but respected his opinions always….he was one of the greats!
God bless Ernie!


RIVER HILLS, Wis. —Well-known car salesman, and business owner, Ernie Von Schledorn has died.

River Hills police said they responded to a medical call at his home around 5 p.m. Friday. They said he died shortly after.

According to the car company’s website, Von Schledorn was a native of West Germany. He came to the United States in 1952 with $14. He started working as a used car salesman, and by 1959, opened his own dealership.

There are two dealerships with his name – one in Menomonee Falls and one in Lomira.

He’s best known for his slogan “Who do you know … wants to buy a car?”


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