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2008 Photos & Feedback!

bash-blk-compgrey-350.jpgGood morning everyone, 4am local time , after a fun, long weekend and many hours just uploading pictures, I am wiped out, but do not this to be over….NO WAIT…EVERYONE COME BACK I SAY….(I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME!) but I have to head back to Wisconsin. Attending this birthday bash and press event has been nothing less than SPECTACULAR! The turn out was awesome, the conversations were a blast and being a part of this car at this level..at this time is certainly historic, wow I have a cool job!

I’m able to broadcast to you, share with you the passion of an automobile that simply is the best, the best in so many ways and I’m not just referring to THE AUTOMOBILE, it’s owner base is one of amazing people,a group that grows closer every year.

I have been so proud to be here and involved in promoting this Corvette. I have been reading the forums and plan to write an overview later this evening - it should answer some questions regarding the 2008’s. Thanks to my friend AP, we have a PDF of the complete 2008 ORDER GUIDE HERE!

I also forgot my docking station of my new video camera, so planning on uploading video beginning tomorrow at the latest…I have over 2 hours of classic video from KEY highlights at this event, so stay tuned - bash-blk-compgrey-350-2.jpgTHE VIDEO GALLERY is also in the PHOTO GALLERY button in the upper right of the site. I have some personal things to take care of, but will be on line later this afternoon or evening and look forward to answering your emails and being in contact with those that contacted us early regarding an interest in 2008, I thank-you for those advanbce opportunities. UNTIL WE SPEAK - please enjoy LARGE SWEET PHOTOS from the event, in the photo gallery - no need to be registered to view them - CLICK and then you can open some very nice large views (OVER 100!!!) and see what I saw during these past 3 days!2008 PHOTO GALLERY HERE!!

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2 Responses to “2008 Photos & Feedback!”

  1. steve orzell Says:

    Hi Rick,

    Great job of covering the BASH event for those of us that did not get to attend. You took some fantastic high resolution pics. Thanks for your commitment to providing us with up-to-date information on the 2008 vettes.


  2. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    Thank-You Steve, I still have even more to discuss. Some really good questions have been coming from you folks and I appreciate the support, your feedback and your future business considerations.

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