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Corvette “Ladies” We love ya!

To all of the women out there that are proud Corvette owners enthusiasts, supporters of their husbands and fans of the Corvette brand…. I have so much respect for you and appreciate your passion.
Now many out there may wonder why I’m posting such a statement… It’s a result of this past week of attempted sales and my encounter with so many condescending ,unappreciative wives it was shocking to me. Amazing to see a man’s life’s work and dreams come to an end in a matter of minutes by a bad attitude and disrespect from someone that is supposed to be his partner….

There I said it so for you fans ,cool kick ass ladies you are a rare bunch and I give you two thumbs up!

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  1. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    Rick, the story about the ladies is something I found to be sad. If your spouse has worked towards this dream and is in the position to purchase without putting you into financial straights……..what’s the problem? I am a lucky man. My wife was probably more excited when I purchased my first Corvette then I! She understood my passion for the car and how it grew from childhood. To me, it was more than a car. It was proof that with hard work and dedication I could enjoy this awesome vehicle! I live and breath the Corvette, just like many of your readers. I hope that others can look past themselves and any insecurities they may have and support their spouse’s choice. The Corvette Family is stretched far and wide and awaits them!

    Thanks Robert and thank-you to your WIFE…appreciate your comments and viewership!

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