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C7 Chicago Show Perspective from YOU!


Some honest to goodness feedback from Garry in Iowa…..



We just got back from spending Wednesday at the Chicago Auto Show. The car is MUCH better in person than in the pictures. It is a true sculpture that needs to be seen. (We still think the tail lights could be better looking). The gal ,Alicia; We talked to her for 20 minutes. She was so enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. She made us Vette guys feel good about the new C7.

I sat and watched the crowds for an hour (while resting) and it never got slow for the Vette. The only other car that had a constant crowd was the new McLaren, but who can afford it. Nothing else at the show came close to the crowd draw of the new C7. Young and old, men and women were there constantly. A lady sat down next to me who was waiting for her husband and when he arrived she told him she had to have one. The interior is much improved as are the seats.

The chassis engineering is very impressive as is the LT1 technology (we know because we are 4 vehicle & engine engineers. We predict the EPA Hwy rating will be 29 or more mpg.

We talked about the C7 all the way back to Iowa, with a few breaks to do Corvette trivia. We all agreed seeing it in person convinced us we needed to all get one. So when you ready to take in trades and give us a group discount let me know. We need 2 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Gray. All with Z51 and 2 tone interior, all auto, with one 7 sp manual. One other guy probably will need to wait till the high power version comes out.

Here is one of the pictures I took. I have a bunch of them if you would like some of the others.”

Garry, always great to hear from sir, your support and friendship are much appreciated - talk soon! :)


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