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Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

valentines-pizza.jpgYesterday we went to Indy looking for an area to hold our mini Rally for Rick ‘LET RICK DRIVE” :) and to let the Officials there know how serious and passionate I am about one day; being the Corvette Pace Car driver….this is a very high honor and given ONLY to well know celebrities….I on the other hand, wanted to be the FIRST , Non-Celebrity “CELEBRITY” Pace Car Driver…..our rally was (is) going to be where we unveil our special Coughlin Corvette. So overall would be a great opportunity to hang out with awesome Corvette people like yourself…….right now we are blocked on an area to gather, so stay tuned as we try to make this happen and thank-you everyone for your support.

Now as for why I have a Valentine’s Pizza pic, one I was hungry….the other I thought it was cool…..but I do have a Picture of a Red Corvette for today;


I always thought this pic at the end of the Mr. Deeds movie was cool with all the Red Corvettes he gave the entire town!

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