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Take a Ride with Rita…..

As we approach Vette season and it seems to be getting off much sooner than usual, you will hopefully be just like this lucky lady here – Rita from Ohio, out and about enjoying your Corvette! That is what I enjoy promoting, not only the retail side of the Corvette, but rather the lifestyle, the enjoyment, the reward and thrill of having one….regardless of the year.

Rita and her husband Chuck have been incredible supporters over the years, great customers and even now, better friends….their 9th Corvette from me a 2013 ZR1 generated more emails than I have ever gotten from them over the joy they were having in their new car –
rita-lighthouse-300.jpg I have to say, when they picked up the ZR1 last summer…I had tears in my eyes, they were so proud and should be of their purchase and I was so excited for them…sorry Chuck , but I have to tell them you too sir, had tears in your eyes bro……

They are getting one of our first 2014 C7 Corvettes, (#10) but before that, there is a lot of Corvette-ing to do. thumbsup19.gif

I’d like to share a couple of the emails they sent last year and hope you too; are doing the same….absolutely nothing but driving and enjoying YOUR Corvette!

Wait until you see the ZR1 earrings & necklace Chuck got her for Christmas


What a beautiful day it turned out to be. It seemed everyone with a classic car or motorcycle was out on the roads !
We took a drive with the ZR1 to Huron using Rt 60 (State Rd) and thru some back roads The leaves were changing against the blue sky was glorious.

I wanted to get some pictures, but it seemed every road we wanted to turn into had the dreaded gravel !!!! We finally got back on Rt 113 and headed into downtown Vermillion.

Had a packed lunch next the the Vermillion River and enjoyed those people with there “toys”, cruising on the river. So peaceful and refreshing, as we know soon the snow will be flying.

Parked the ZR1 in front of an old historic building on Liberty St but unfortunately not sunny enough. Just could not find a good spot to park and get some better shots of fall. We decided to hop back on Rt 2 and head to Quaker Steak and Lube in Sheffield as today was the last scheduled outside cruise in with FLP for the season. What a great choice as around 3:30 the cars were already parking . Cars kept filing in and parking and it was a great turnout !

The ZR1 of course, was a crowd pleaser ! Lot of questions and looks and we were proud as peacocks. I had your cards on the windshield as one fellow was trying to copy the info from the license plate holder from Coughlin. I gave him your card, so hope he contacts you. He wants a ZR1 ! One of your customers was there. Had a yellow Grand Sport with the yellow stitching, not sure if 2010 or 2011. Anyway an older guy and talked with us. Some young guy with a new Cobra Shelby came over and talked with us , so comparing notes !! It was a great turnout for end of October , and we did not leave till 6 !

Wish I had better photos, but at least I got these !

Hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy ! Great idea to post my photos, and be nice if more persons would send photos to you of where they take their Corvettes !

Rita and Chuck


We did not think the weather would be as perfect today for cruisin’. but we could not resist. We went all the way out to Beachwood, then back to North Olmsted

Before we left, Chuck stopped in gas station in Rocky River, We were the only ones at the pumps. Chuck was pumping the gas, and all of a sudden, this cop car pulls in, passes us and yells out to Chuck , with a big SMILE, “you want to trade” I had the window down and just kind of laughed too. Then he says, want to trade and Chuck said, “Sure Do !” He kept going but I thought we would get us for no plate.

Then later, a guy was next to us in stopped traffic and noticed we were looking over at a used Firebird. says what do you have to look at any other cars for ! Asked if the carbon top was after market , then said, it’s a beautiful car !!!

Then we were at the Porsche dealer in North Olmsted, and this guy on a bike was admiring it and said it was beautiful !!!

We drove out to the Porsche dealer , pricing and looking at the Cayenne’s. We’re looking for a beater, my Marquis is kind of ready to retire !! HA HA !

Hope you get a laugh out of our pics. I told Chuck, I can’t believe we have a car in this league !! It is pretty amazing, but love it.

We never forget all the sacrifice and wait we went thru during the past 35 years to get to this point and are so thankful and grateful.

Thumbs up !

Rita / Chuck the ZR1 Duo




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