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Cough…MVP Receives ‘14 Stingray, how would you know…

super-bowl-mvp-stingray-corvette-flacco-conti275.jpgOkay so there’s the car whatever when walking around it like it really didn’t matter, This is the coolest most talked about sports car in America.

Where is the handing off of the keys And where is that little kid expression; that bright smile of surprise that we all wanted to see on Joe’s face Receiving a beloved Stingray 2014 Corvette.

Where is our moment Corvette fans…..

Let’s face it the guy can Buy a fleet of these But the exposure for Corvette is certainly of some value to us!

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THANKS JAKE C6=5/C6 Registry - We NOW have a pic of Flacco by the Stingray, I’ll sleep better tonight :)

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