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Recent comments from client to GM

Although this post my seem to be self serving; I know the comments from this recent customer are genuine and mean a lot to me and I hope to our future would be Corvette buyers….those that know me now, know I take my representation of Corvette quite serious and honored to be a part of it at this level.

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Back in December, we were excited to business once again with TOBY in KANSAS We just received his survey back from GM and here is what he said….

“While I thoroughly believe the Corvette sells itself, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a true Corvette supporter, fanatic, and overall wild man like Rick “Corvette” Conti selling them! This is the second Vette I’ve purchased from him, and frankly, the process couldn’t have been any simpler either time. The first one I drove 700 miles one-way to pick up, and this new 2013 was 800+ miles.

All completely and totally worth it. Yes, I could have purchased from Hendrick in KC (just a two-hour drive for me) but I would rather deal with someone who bleeds Corvette than some guy who would much rather sell Silverados and Tahoes. He makes sure he has lots of Vettes of all models and trim levels to choose from, and he gets the word out on his blog with daily entries.

In short, the man puts 99.5% of his competition to shame. And the pricing…wow! Akerson, Reuss, Juechter, Charles, Welburn etc. All should be thanking Conti weekly for giving them all some measure of job security! “

Toby, that was powerful and appreciated - thank-you - awesome comments and glad you are a Corvette guy too sir!

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