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2008 Corvette Unveiling COVERAGE!

bash-rick-ron.jpg AS WE ENJOY THE EVENT - YOU CAN TOO. CLICK ARTICLE TITLE FOR UPDATES & WATCH THE PHOTO & VIDEO GALLERY TO THE RIGHT - my email is working - let me know if you have a question - thanks for watching, Rick for EVS!

2008 Corvette launch & Complete coverage from the event you have heard so much about; is right here!!!
The Corvette Birthday Bash, which is a wonderful gathering of Corvette fans as well as a press event from General Motors. I am proud to be representing the ONLY DEALER on location with coverage info for you…..I’ll have pictures loaded as fast as I can from the event FYI, for those watching - I’ll be burning a few CD’s of ALL THE PICTURES I TOOK while at this event to give-a-way, THESE PICS WILL BE UNWATERMARKED for YOUR enjoyment!
Stay tuned for details!


mred-camera.jpg…VIDEO from many different items, including VIDEO from the SOLD OUT Rick Hendrick dinner and the Friday night Race Awards dinner for Corvette. GM is now using this gathering a a launch platform to intro the next model years items, this year April 26-29th is no different, in fact I am told MORE GM officials are attending this event than ever before. People are always excited about the next NEW thing, we were 1st on the net with a lot of advance 2008 info, it dates back to the LS3 engine story I was happy to bring you and in January 1st anywhere with the brief changes that have been discussed across the globe. The new colors, new interiors, new wheels and more this weekend.

I know I have received countless emails an calls regarding the solid info on the car for 2008 as you want to rush a 2008 order in…thank-you so much for wanting to do so…bottom line, it will not make the car come any quicker and we simply have not had some of the detailed answers to the questions you want and need. yes more HP is coming, I was now told 440, but there is so much mis-information out there I DO NOT WANT TO BE A PART OF THAT….we were even the 1st ones to show you the ACTUAL COLOR PAINT CHIPS - here is the New Blue Chip 2008-blue31.jpg

By leaving the office for a few days an actually being there and able to share all of this with you before anyone else is certainly a thrill for me and our EVS team. Other dealers are waiting for our updates..(wow, that’s exciting ?!) We here at EVS do not mind putting forth the extra effort to provide you the right information in which to make your purchase decision, because of that manner in which we do so, I ask for your business consideration when you are ready…..THANK-YOU!

Oh yes here is the New Red Chip is on the right -(CLICK ONCE AND THEN TWICE FOR LARGER VIEWING!); 2008-crystal.jpg

Upon my return and even in the evening while I am at the Bowling Green,KY event, I’ll be checking emails CorvetteConti@EVSchevrolet.com
and answering any other questions you may have. Regarding delivery of 2008 Corvettes, I am confident during the writing of this article, you will not see them start arriving until late July. Those orders start being pulled Late May and we will start writing pre-orders next week! I anticipate pricing from GM not out until June/July-ish….WE WILL PROVIDE AS SOON AS IT IS AVAILABLE FROM GENERAL MOTORS.

evs_shield2.jpgThis Bash & Press Event is something we’ll talk about AGAIN and again, is a pleasure for me to be working for a dealer that WANTS YOU there. I have a very busy FUN schedule, in fact check it out - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE AGENDA LISTINGS Looking forward to seeing you on location and sharing conversation here on the web.

rick_whitevettecards.jpgThank-you for your national support and future business opportunities, I will be back in the office on Monday the 30th.
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11 Responses to “2008 Corvette Unveiling COVERAGE!”

  1. AP Says:

    Great Rick ..

  2. Chuck Says:

    It’ll be June/July until pricing is out! I was hoping they’d release that at the bash. This is gonna kill me. Buy a 2007 now or wait until who knows when before I can take delivery of a 2008??? There had better be more than just 40hp in the 2008 or I’ll have to submit to my need for instant gratification and buy now.
    Thanks so much Rick for all the coverage. Wisconsin might be a nice trip for me and my wife soon.

  3. BYB4IDI Says:

    Can’t wait for the coverage. You always keep us up to date. Looking forward to the 2008 pricing as well and what the HP is going to be. Looking in the fall to upgrade.
    You have some fun there as well Rick.

  4. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback here on the site as well as the emails I have been receiving.

  5. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    Thanks for joining us here on CorvetteConti.com for EVS Chevy, for those of you up late, You’ll see the 1st pic….not a good one, but the 1st pic of a new interior option for Z06. In talking with a writer tonight whom was able to get a ride in a 2008 , he said the HP is 430. I’ll have more on that tomorrow. For tonight, I want to upload a few pics as I got settled in….

    You’ll remember last year, they had a few things hanging around before the official announcement..NOT THIS TIME. However, as I was leaving this evening, I walked across THE circle at the Corvette Museum to see the “leather Wrap” on a Z06….you bet, I shot pics in the dark and through the glass……WHAT DID YOU WANT ME TO DO, get a rock and break the window…..(wink)

    The writer also mentioned how the steering has been tweaked and feels even better ( if that’s possible) and the paddle shifters are MUCH BETTER AT RESPONDING UPON YOUR TOUCH! Much more tomorrow.

    The Rick Hendrick thing was nice….dinner was good but weak..IMHO, sorry, I speak the truth, many of you are just afraid to say it. We did not receive our autograph pictures or model car…THEY ARE BEING SENT TO US…Yep, we got the ole…”the check is in the mail”
    :) The highlight of the evening for me, was sitting 2 seats away from Jim Perkins….I had a perfect after the quetsion and answer session, he was nice enough to take a pic with me…he tells guys hang on he wants to get this pic….and they still bothered him, so the one shot he is looking away….but you know what…what a humble and incredible man. If you don;t know, we all should bow down and kiss his ring, his visions and efforts saved our beloved Corvette, thank-you Jim. That pic and a few others will be in my gallery . You can email me a question
    corvetteconti@evschevrolet.com if you canot post a comment here, and I’ll be happy to answer it the best I can.

    I also wnatto thank all of the well wishers out there. I checked in and the lady said…”oh, you’re Rick..there have been a few people asking if you were here yet” How nice, and for the folks that are starting to Recognize my mug, I appreciate many new folks and chatting with YOU this evening. I had so many folks talking about my move to EVS, I know in my heart it is a great move in more ways than one, but hearing it from folks is perfect, thank-you for your support - veyr kind comments and great feedback today.

  6. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    The car the writer rode in was a Z51 coupe and it also featured the Z06 exhaust he mentioned

  7. AP Says:

    Rick … come on man … I want to go to sleep … but can’t without the pic …

  8. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    a couple were loaded, thanks…FRIDAY will be the big day. I’ll upload a few from the event and in the evening upload a TON!

  9. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    Big Photos being added right now to my gallery - EVEN MORE TOMORROW. I am trying to get as many in there as I can before the race awards dinner
    CLICK LINK, or simply go onto photo gallery

    Had Ron Fellows sign my leather jacket and I started a craze….more people went in a bought the RF jacket after that and then has him sign them too.

    I even saw where Ron Signed the DASH of a RF Z in the parking lot.

    I taped the entire Johny & Ron show and plan to take time and edit it into parts so we may share it with you here on the net. I also took a shot at the accessory lady and it was funny….SHE WAS WAITING FOR ME.

    Thanks everyone….what a thrill being down here….I got out of the car today, it took me an hour to even get to the door because of all the cool people saying “hey Rick”…etc etc…we had some great conversations today and I cannot thank-you all enough for your supoprt of me as a person, a professional, for my family and for my new family at EVS….
    Thumbs up America, you make me proud…..to be a Corvette freak!

  10. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    from corvetteforum:
    “There isn’t a harder working guy out there than Rick Conti. Rick was all over the Bash today, taking pics and gathering info for his loyal customers. Fact is he was the ONLY dealer rep I saw today. I hear a lot about dealers all across the country, some good, some not, but I don’t think you’ll find a guy that will work harder for you than Rick Conti. If you’re in the market for a new vette, you owe it to yourself to at least call Rick before you buy. He made us a great deal and I’m guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Keep up the good work Rick, we support and appreciate all your hard work.

    Michael Barron, Gulf Coast Vettes”

    Mike, thanks so much….nice to see you (FINALLY) I have the pleasure of working with so many folks, most of which are nationwide, it sure is nice to actually meet you guys from time to time.

    I appreciate your compliment and your incredible of my passion, enthiusiasm and efforts over the years

  11. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    spoke with Wil, the plant manager, there was arumor about NO OVERTIME for 2008 production, which would ut down available Vettes considerably, he said no!..”as soon as we get set up, I’ll giving them all the overtime I can!”

    Thanks Wil, keep up the great work sir!

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