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2008 Corvette Pictures…

…are starting to come in.
Count on MUCH MORE during the bash and press event later this week.
Thanks to Frankie in NC, we have a quick shot of ONE of the new wheels. You may recall, we told you that NOT all of the 2008 wheels will be a split spoke as it is on the 2007 Pace Car Corvette.

CONTINUE TO SEE A COUPLE SHOTS, including the Z06 exhaust on a Regular Corvette?!?!?!

2008-2-exhaust-copy.jpg 2008-whl-ew-copy.jpg

click once, then a second time to view the full size we have of these images;
More soon on 2008’s as we have it. For those of you waiting for 2008 Pre-order slots, thank-you. I’ll be in touch when I return 4/30 with a lot more data and pics. I appreciate your advance business considerations.
The New Split spoke wheel I mentioned in January, the split spoke now appears to be only on the Silver and Comp grey wheels. The other wheels, QG7 (high polsihed) & QX3 (chrome) will not be the split spoke. This could get very confusing, but I promise we will keep you up to date. As I mentioned in an earlier thread, I will be on location at the birthday bash and press event April 26-28th! It’s nice to work for a dealer that wants you to be involved with the Corvette community!

No info yet on the 4LT and 3LZ pkgs, so hang in there guys.


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  2. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    Thanks Paul for posting a reply….the bash is now over and I just got back to the hotel room. I in fact saw the combo you are asking about - give me a bit and this evening I will post the pick…I have the silver with both combos…the lighter color (linen) has a bit of a creamy look to it - IT IS NOT titanium…IMHO…stick with the titanium….but I think we need to view these a bit and reform our opinions….I’m just thinking off the cuff and sharing it with you. I’ll start uploading shortly, thanks again and hope to earn your business on the 2008. Rick Corvette Conti for EVS!

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