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Corvette Stories for NCM Mag….

asccover2011.jpgThe Museum is seeking heart-warming, interesting, bizarre, funny or inspiring stories about Corvette owners and their Corvettes for the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of America’s Sports Car.

An example would be the story of display car owner Chance Mayfield who had his ‘Vette stolen in 1970, only to have it recovered by the police 40 years later, fully restored and in mint condition.

A limited number of stories will be printed. Please submit 500 words or less and up to three high quality photos by Wednesday, December 7 to editor@corvettemuseum.org

Articles must be from and about Museum Members.
If your story is selected we will notify you, and if we don’t use it this time we will hold it for future consideration.

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  1. Rick Corvette Conti Says:

    via email:

    “Rick, read about this on your site.

    I was 17 years old when I bought my first Corvette – a red-on-red ’84 with a glass top and a Bose.  On the first weekend I had the car, I went to pick up my girlfriend for a Saturday night date.  Along the way, while stopped at a red light, two girls on motorcycles stopped beside me.  I smiled at them, they smiled back at me, and then one pulled her top up and showed me a couple of things both real and magnificent.

    The light turned green and we all three pulled away.  Thankfully, the next light ahead turned red as we were all approaching.  I stopped.  They stopped.  I looked over at them and smiled.  They look back at me a smiled bigger.  Then they BOTH pulled their tops up and made me smile really big.  It was the only traffic light I’ve ever stopped for that didn’t stay red long enough.

    As I drove away, I thought to myself “Man! Having a ‘Vette is gonna be great!”  I’ve owned at least one Corvette for twenty of the twenty-five years since that glorious experience.  And since that day, not one single has a girl flashed me again.  But, there’s always hope…


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