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Oklahoma & Texas Get Corvettes!

The amount of business we do on the internet and out of state continues to grow. A couple of 1st timers and we thank them so much for their trust and business. Drake flew in yesterday and while taking his congrats pics, took the opportunity to palm my head…I thought I was getting dunked! smiley-laughing33.gifActually he was so nervous we had a blast delivering this car. His dad a huge Chevy buff was to come with him, but was unable. Drake never told him what he was getting, his dad knows it’s a Chevy..but wait til he sees it’s a Chevy CORVETTE!!!!!!!!!
A pleasure Drake, congratulations! Bigger pic of Drake and his Grand Sport, he said car looked even nicer in person! CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While that was going on, Matt from Texas’ Corvette was getting loaded, I can’t wait for him to get his soon. Another Corvetter trying an out of state internet purchase, we thank-you so much and big Thumbs up to Texas! Talk to you soon Matt…..
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