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To settle C7 rumor date…

c7-300.jpg This is the time of year for some reason where we start to get calls about the next year Vette Well some folks are being lead to believe that the C7 ( 7th generation ) Corvette is coming next year. Well let it be known, as we have had….

..some great folks over the years help us, keep you up to date with fun advance and correct information regarding our beloved Corvette. Hats to those folks, you have acknowledged me as more than a retailer, but as a fan and friend, a true enthusiast and that is why I get excited to bring any info I can to the table, as I said with the help of many others. We also share all the HOT stories we feel will keep you on track in this ever changing market.

We at corvetteconti.com were the 1st to tell of the SS or whatever she will be would NOT be a 2008 Corvette as it was suppose to be, but rather a 2009 as it will be. We were also 1st to tell of the C7 car most likely to be built in 2012 as a 2013 car…now this latest doc just emailed to me tells us we were on track again. So stop listening to those nasty rumors that this is the last year for C6,etc,etc,,,,,

I love representing Corvette for you folks, but doing it correctly fives me even greater pride. I wish we had more for you, but I think this new information can not only hlep us focus, but also appreciate the current car and it’s incredible value that is right before us.

FOR YOU GM GUYS THAT LOVE TO SPOON FEED ME..I will never say who you are…never, so thank you again for your help over the years!


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  2. jhohlman Says:

    C6 was released in 05 right_2005 to 2011_ 7 year run

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