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Getting a Vette is like Christmas

evs_shield3.jpgI am so pleased to have the opportunity to share this fun re-done “twas the night before….” Corvette version.

You see, Rhonda & Paul were so excited about the C6 purchase, Rhonda wrote a poem about the experience, using the famed Christmas format;

T’Was the Day of Our Vette by Rhonda Larson

T’was the day after New years…when all through the house,
Everyone was excited…especially my spouse!

The garage was clean…all spic and span,
Awaiting the arrival…of a carier van.

The boys still asleep…and snug in their beds,
While visions of speedways…filled their heads.

Paul was at work…and I getting dressed,
Had just brewed a cup…of Folgers best!

When out on the street…was the rumble and roar,
Of the carrier van…we all waited for!

Away to the door…I flew like a flash,
Hollered, “it’s here it’s here”…we all made a dash!

The drizzle and cold…that January day,
didn’t dampen our spirits….we shouted HOORAY!!!

When what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But dual exhausts…and six high speed gears!

With an experienced Vette owner…so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment…it must be a straight stick.

More sleek than an eagle…this machine came,
As he whistled & shouted…& called it by name.

“A Chevy, a Corvette…a C6 it’s the best,
It’s nimble & quick…to 186 without stress!

Out of the van…and into the drive,
the moment has come….it has arrived!

There we all stood….mouths open so wide,
We stared at this beauty…and can’t wait for a ride!

We all thought of Paul…and wished he was here,
To savor this moment…and share our good cheer.

In a flash it was moving…and tucked in the garage,
Protected form rain,snow…and any barrage.

It’s light’s how they glowed….with tailights like cherries,
This Vettte is slek…and clean as a berry!

The wheels were well shined…the odometer at “7″,
we all thought for a moment….we must be in heaven.

They asked if this was…Paul’s very first Vette,
We replied yes it is….and now he’s all set!

Without much delay… along trip they must take,
To deliver more Vette….from EVS Random Lake.

I heard them exclaim…as they drove out of sight,
“Enjoy your new vette….and all of your flights!”

Thank-you everyone for sharing in their moment here on corvetteconti.com for EVS Chevrolet. Wisconsin’s #1 new Corvette Dealer and serving you nationwide on the web!
Great job Rhonda & to mention, Car sold by Shane Bode here at EVS
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