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My Bob Feller Memory….

It’s the bottom of the ninth for baseball great Bob Feller.
I’d like to share a special memory before we talk about him when he is no longer with us, here is a quick news update

(CBS NEWS)” Bob Feller the 92-year-old Hall of Fame pitcher was transferred from the Cleveland Clinic, where he was treated for pneumonia, to a Cleveland-area hospice. That’s the word from Bob DiBiasio, vice president of public relations for the Cleveland Indians, Feller’s old team.

Feller’s health has been in decline in recent months. He was diagnosed with leukemia in August, and after fainting while undergoing chemotherapy, Feller had a pacemaker implanted. Entering a hospice doesn’t mean that a patient no longer receives care, despite what some people believe. It means simply that any treatments the patient receives are geared not toward curing an illness but toward making the patient comfortable as the end of life draws near.”

Now for my feedback….I have always been a baseball fan, played a bit too. When I was in radio, going way back in the mid 80’s I had an opportunity to play in a celebrity baseball game with other radio air talent at the Lucas County Rec Center before a Mud Hens game….

Bob Feller was the guest pitcher and he was always kind to the fans, signed anything for you. Well my highlight was two fold, not only did I get to hit against a Hall of Fame pitcher, I hit a one hopper to center field. Now hey, if he would have been trying to get me out,,,,you bet I would have been down baby.

I will say this; I said something to Bob as well, his stuff had a lot of movement on it and cracked me up how well he was throwing at that age some 25 years ago….

He signed a ball to me acknowledging my hit ..it says

“To a Real Slugger…Bob Feller!”

I saw Bob again years later when I was at another Chevy store at the time, he was at a Drug Mart making an appearance signing autographs…I waited in line NOT to get another one, but to simply shake his hand say hi and thank him for the memory….he said he remembered that and I laughed and said yeah right…he said. No really I remember! I was honored and I wished him well and let some other little kid get in there for their moment with Bob.

Thank-You sir and hats off to you for representing the game so well!



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