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2011 Corvette Production News /Stats!

090423_gm_plant.jpgAs we enter the 4th quarter with Chevrolet, Corvette is ALWAYS a topic of conversation.
Again this month, sorry folks we are ALL UNABLE to order the LIMITED Edition Z07/Z06 Corvette, right now it is a TBD status and will let you know when one of the less than 500 Orange or Blue Z07’s can be ordered…Again, we have Z07’s in stock now, it will not contain the special interior, gloss black wheel and ZR1 hood….more on that car that is a sleeper value in my opinion as we have it!

Has the Z07/Z06 package effected ZR1?…I think in some ways yes….ZR1 will always be the baddest cat on the corner, but right now she has to slow her roll. ZR1 production in the next coming 4 months includes 53 | 78 | 64 & 59 cars to be built each month…..

We posted earlier about the New Blue convertible top being available to order as of 10/18/10..no pictures yet but I anticipate with the new out GM will soon provide a media shot for you to enjoy and decide upon which color to order with it!

As far as what cars have been ordered and what colors, I know you love this data and so do I, below is the first posting of it’s kind providing you this feedback.

Email me below if you have any questions or would like to take adavantage of one of great deals on an in stock Corvette or even order one….VERY flexible pricing and together we will keep Corvette moving forward, thumbs up!



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